PS 3 : Sound and Philosophy 2-7 june 2016

Ouvrez la tête.
—Erik Satie
We are happy to announce the third installment of “The Stubbornness of the Empirical” at PAF which will take place 2nd-7th June 2016. These events continue to forge an inclusive philosophically-oriented community at PAF, investigating collective conceptual trajectories and giving us a board to sound off. Building off the two past events which explored phenoumenology, ethics, space(, )time, and more, this third event will focus on the relationship between sound & philosophy.
Programme: Things will begin with dinner on Thursday evening and end Tuesday morning. We propose to have a weekend-long conversation together, around the blackboard, & see where this takes us. This will be facilitated by a talk of 2-3 hours each day on the three ‘main’ days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday), which can feed into the broader dialogue. Our speakers will be Kodwo Eshun, Agnès Gayraud & Will Schrimshaw. On Monday, we will connect the three days with an open discussion.
Whether explored as a specific sensory modality; a real (or virtual) physical phenomenon; a region of the vibratory (dis)continuum modulating the social somatic; an inherently temporal experience guiding thot thru sciencefictional universes; an articulated tongue twisting ineffables into puns; a possibility-space initiated by inferential gestural circuitries; an audial xenotechnology engendering post-humanesis; an anadumbratable object of varied pareidolic interpretation; &or the affective politics of the (in)audible, the sonic poses specific contours for philosophy to trace. 
We look forward to investigating the stubbornness of the sonic via our speakers’ work: Eshun’s poetic soniconceptronics, Gayraud’s ethics of aural aesthetics, & Schrimshaw’s real materialist infraesthetics.
Our yearly programme culminates with Summer University philosophy week on the 9th-15th August.
`~!‡ º ‡!~’
Practical Information
Staying up to 4 nights: €20 per night
Staying more than 4 nights: €18 per night
Plus €12 for yearlong membership
Food we will collectively organize on site, and from past experience has come to around
€10 per ‘full’ day with a little excess from that, so in the area of €30 for the extended weekend.
Email PAF ( with the dates you’d like to attend.
Anyone who would like to stay longer is, of course, welcome to do so, affording a longer decay.
We hope very much you can join us this June at PAF for these discussions.
&, as always, you’re welcome to spontaneously add things to the program.
‘~¡‡ º ‡¡~´
Lendl Barcelos, Katrina Burch, Matt Hare, Amy Ireland, Ben Woodard
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